PIC Your Future
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Who are we? We are a group of diverse young adults in high school taking classes at UC Berkeley through the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP). We all come from different high schools throughout the Bay Area (i.e. James Logan High, Jesse Bethel High, Mt. Eden High, etc…). We joined a team at UC Berkeley consisting of a PhD student, a product designer, and two engineers to develop a new version of the PIC your future app. Through the EAOP program we hope to gain college experience in preparation of our future. We also want to gain more knowledge on the career fields that we may want to join when we become adults. Some of us are using the class to find out what we’re interested in. The class has given us a deeper understanding of what goes into designing an app and even a website. Many of us have found a passion in coding, adding content to the app, managing the marketing and/or business department of the app, and even the social media aspect of getting the word of the app out. The knowledge we’ve learned from this class is something that some of will definitely be using in our futures. The connections we’ve built with the faculty and other students is also something we will be taking advantage of as we follow our goals.

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Joanna - Freshman in College

"I had no clue as to what I wanted to major in, but after I used PIC Your Future I realized my true calling for medicine! "


Jason - Sophomore in Highschool

"Before I discovered the PIC Your Future App I never pictured myself going to college, but now I am motivated to be the first in my family to attend!!!"


Carol - Mother of a High School Freshman

"This app encouraged my son and I to look into his future, and we had so much fun while doing it! "



Who will see my photos?

Your selfies will be stored on a secure server hosted at UC Berkeley. If you publish your photo to the Gallery, any students who use the app can see your photos. If you don’t want people to see your photos, you can choose not to publish them.

Why doesn’t the app work on my phone?

Currently PIC your Future only works on Chrome Web browser on a desktop or laptop. We hope to release a mobile version of the app soon.

Why is my photo cropping leaving too much of the background showing?

If the background of your selfie is very busy, the cropping will be less successful. Try to position your selfie with a white or less busy background for a better cropping experience.